Paula Deen vs Food Network

It takes a special kind of hypocrite to punish someone just for being who they are. The Food Network has opted not to renew their contract with Paula Deen on July 1st. Why? Is it because she’s a racist? No. It’s because they are afraid of the flak they’re going to get due to willful misrepresentation by the media of a civil suit Paula’s being targeted in.

So, what did Paula do, exactly? Having read the court transcripts and watched her for years, I can assure you she is not racist. She made no comments or actions with racially motivated intent – and the person suing her even acknowledges this. More importantly, before filing the lawsuit they even attempted to blackmail her in an attempt to frame the narrative. But, as we all know, a witch-hunt is never about the truth. It’s about perception, and in this case especially, the media has waged a war on Paula Deen for the sake of protecting their racial narrative.

She didn’t create a workplace that was hostile. She doesn’t condone or use racist or sexist terms. What is her crime? Being born in the south 60 years ago. To the media, this is the very height of what it means to be a racist. You know, not actually being a racist, but being the kind of person they expect to be a racist. How is this any different from racism? If anyone is guilty of anything here, it’s the Food Network for failing to treat Paula Deen with respect and the media for making assumptions about her based on her birthplace and age — the very thing the “tolerance police” they claim to be should avoid at all costs.

And yet, they will continue to get away with it because the sheeple that watch the mainstream “news” have been dumbed down so much that they can’t form a coherent thought of their own.

The “news” programs today are far less about providing anything important and far more about entertainment. I’d place money that 99.9% of the country hasn’t heard about the terrorist attack in Santa Monica two weeks ago, but only because it doesn’t fit the narrative of “evil white people”, “white racists” and so on. If you believe the media today you might still think that George Zimmerman is a white conservative Christian with ties to the RNC.  (He’s an Hispanic democrat with no apparent religious interest.)

I find it absurd that to so many racism is only possible when the “majority” has opinions about a “minority.” Apparently, it’s not racist for Jamie Foxx to express his elation at getting to “kill all the white people” in a movie:

Paula Deen vs Jamie Foxx

Paula Deen vs Jamie Foxx

I guess, to them, the difference is that Jamie Foxx said it “in humor” (what isn’t funny about killing all the white people?) while Paula Deen used the word when describing a black man that held a gun to her head in a bank many years ago. And she used the term many years ago. One of these is racism that just screams “somebody ought to get fired.” The other is not. And unless you’re a racist yourself, you should easily be able to tell which is which.


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